Zenitti Tornado Suite with SilentFlush® Toilet Suite P trap/S trap

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Have A Question For This Product?

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This toilet is no ordinary toilet, with the dual flush system, it will save you water. The tornado flush system will also save you on that awful mess, which can sometimes remain after flushing. The tornado system shoots 3 jets around the toilet bowl to clean in a tornado style. This design allows you to save water, while still having a sparkling clean toilet. The flush is super silent compared to most toilets and is dual flush, which means the toilet bowl is clean in only 2 flushes. The back to wall and straight down sides allow for easier cleaning, along with the rimless design. This toilet is a real time saver when it comes to cleaning. This toilet has a bottom inlet design. Give your bathroom the upper edge with this modern looking, extraordinary toilet.


Material: Durable Ceramic
WELS Licence Number:1383
WELS Water rating:4 star,
4.5L per full flush,
3L per half flush,
3.4L per acerage flush


Tornado flushing (Silent), quik release urea soft close seat with stainless steel hinges, unibersal bacl ot bottom inlet(Left or right) water inlet

P-TRAP and S-TRAP  STANDARD 80-170MM (IS18) included


P-TRAP  180mm (IS15)
(IS17)   setout 140-250MM 

Warranty: 1 year labor and replacement on vitreous china and parts, additional 14 years replacement on vitreous china only

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